DECEL: Digital Electronics Collaborative Enhanced Learning

DECEL communications and publications

Project documents, reports and presentations:

  1. DECEL Project proposal (abstract) / Erasmus+ Project results card
  2. [O1 report – PREPRINT – under review] “Benchmarking good practices for internationalization of studies in (reconfigurable) digital electronics teaching”, Universities of Alcalá, Ferrara, Porto, and Tours, DECEL O1 deliverable, 01/11/2022
  3. C1 Training presentations at UPorto (23-25, Nov, 2022)

Publications in conferences and journals

  • National Spanish Conference SARTECO 2023. “Desarrollo de una plataforma remota para prácticas de sistemas electrónicos digitales”. Ciudad Real, Spain, September 20-22, 2023
  • DECEL: Digital Electronics Collaborative Enhanced Learning and research approaches into international context using open-source FPGA-based under water ultra-sonic system, E. Lemaire et al., Computer Applications in Engineering Education, UNDER PEER REVIEW